Faith in the Midst of Chaos – A Quick Reminder

This is an amazing time we live in.  Some people would argue that statement, but I firmly hold to it. Anytime is an amazing time, but there are certain times in history where you can see God’s promises being fulfilled.  It’s amazing to see how God’s purposes are always being driven to their exact marks.  His arrow never misses His target.  Everything God does is a bullseye! Holding this to be true, may cause us to founder in our faith because we find ourselves asking “why” or “how is there any good in this”.  Just watching the news brings us worry and fear.  Not just for ourselves, but for our children, and even just those innocents across the world being affected in their every day life.  But if we take a moment and look at history…even just reading your bible, you will see this has always been the case, but in different scenarios.  There has never been a time in history where violence or disease did not exist (except of course for Adam and Eve in the garden).  This is a sinful world we live in.  This is why we must build up our kingdom’s in Heaven and not attach ourselves to this world and the things of it.  God, in His goodness, provides for us great things that we can lean on during these times of Chaos.  Our family, friends, the kisses & hugs from our children, even the simple beauty of a 200  year old oak tree or the sounds of waves crashing on the beach.  But most importantly, God has given us His love and forgiveness.  We are honored to be able to have a relationship with Him.  As long as we stand firm on what we KNOW to be true, we will not be shaken by the things of this world.  Instead of worry, we will be filled with joy from knowing that with each of these things we are closer to the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.  This is why I look at this time in our lives as an amazing time.  We get to see God accomplishing that which He has promised.  We get to see things coming to pass that He told us He would do.  Whether around the world or in our own homes.  The purposes of the Lord are sure and 100% accurate.  He will never change His course so we can trust in ALL that He allows to happen.

Believe me, when I say, I know this is a difficult mindset.  But I have to maintain it, because without I would ask too many “why” questions myself, when that is not what God wants to hear.  He doesn’t want us to question Him, because He has proved Himself time and time again when He hasn’t had to.  We should trust the potter to form the clay in the correct manner, or the puzzle maker to create the pieces to form the perfect picture.  Trust God to bring about what He promises! He tells us that all authority is His, and there is nothing that happens outside His will.  No one even comes to power without His knowledge or consent.  There are countless stories in God’s word of how this is true (Pharaoh, Judas, Solomon, Joseph, etc.) – ALL things work for good to accomplish God’s purposes!  What one person devises for evil, God WILL use for good and to complete that which He wants to bring about!  I fully trust this.  I have seen it first hand in my own life.  The evils that were in my life and the things that other’s meant to harm me, God used for His good and for my salvation.  I take solace in Joseph’s story for this as well.  What his family meant for harm, God used for His good to bring about what was His desires, and Joseph reaped the benefits of this because of his faith and trust in God.

I am reading Revelations right now, as well as CS Lewis’s Screwtape Letters, and I am being reminded that all power and authority are God’s and His alone! Even though sin reigns in this world, God will use it for His purposes and nothing can stop that. But don’t be fooled into thinking that means life will be easy for us, because of course it wont. Read Revelations and that will cure you of any thought that this world will get any better or be any better for believers. But we can rest assured that God is making His stand and that in the end His wills are going to be accomplished. But until then God gives us everything we need to stay faithful. I find it simply amazing the power of the relationship we can have with our God! When our relationship with Him is our full and primary focus and we are strengthened by the Holy Spirit – we can fully trust and not worry in God’s plans.  So –  put on your armor, strengthen your faith, trust in the Lord, increase your knowledge of God’s word and His purposes, support your fellow brothers & sisters, and look forward to the time when His plans are accomplished and we are fully His in Heaven! Until then enjoy the goodness God gives us now – there truly are so many to behold!


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