A Godly Man – A Proverbs 31 Rendition – Revisit

Greg Wells's photo.


Two years ago today my father-in-law was called home by our Heavenly Father. After 9 months of battling ALS, God mercifully took Rick home to rejoice in a new body free from disease.

For Rick’s funeral I wrote a rendition of Proverbs 31 that was inspired by Rick and his life. In honor of this two  year anniversary I thought I would repost the poem:


A Godly Man: A Proverbs 31 Rendition

A good man who can find
for his worth is greater than gold!

He is blessed and shown mercy.

The life of his wife submits to him
and trusts in his decisions,
for they are made in the Lord.

He loves his wife as Christ exemplifies and
she is a treasure to him.

He rises early and toils till night for
the provision of his family.

He disciplines and loves his children.

He instructs his children in love
and makes straight their paths.

His guidance is coveted,
his household flourishes
 and his grace abounds

God is exalted thru him and his family.

There is evidence of God’s ways in all he does
and people call him cherished and wise.

The mark of his life is left among many
and the beauty of his leading is mimicked by others
because he is faithful.

God calls him beloved and cherished
and, at the end of his days
as he enters the loving arms of his Savior,
God says,
“Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant!”

We miss you dad and long to rejoice with you in Heaven. Until then keep everyone up there busy as only you know how – by playing games!


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