The Open Door


“…For a great and effective door has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.” I Cor. 16:9

Standing at the precipice of a new journey, the memorable and lighted path comes to an end. You look back with fondness at the beauty that had been your destination for so long. Memories and warmth flood in and joy overtakes your emotions. You slowly walk up to the end laid out before you and spy the closed doors. Panic and confusion take over as you weigh the thoughts of which door to even try to open. As you look from door to door you spy a small dirt path wedged in-between two doors. It’s the safety path. There has always been one – although the times you have chosen it before has only led to what ifs, wrong choices and hiding from God’s plan. But, you move towards it anyway because it’s the easiest choice. You can see the path slightly ahead and see the beauty of it. What if this one would be different – this small path could lead to happiness? Right? You look back at the doors, all dim for now, but knowing there would be one that God would want you to walk through – one that would lead to using who you are for God’s work. You look back at the dirt path and the pebbles that lay in the dirt seem easy to conquer. Even though you can only see a few feet ahead, the flowers are sweet smelling, the way is straight and the light is bright. It would be easy to walk it, it would be easy to choose, but you know it would lead to nowhere, to nothing, not just for yourself, but for the Kingdom you love. You step back into the middle of your ending road amongst the closed doors. Nothing is lit. There is no clue to where to begin. You start to fathom and dream what could lay beyond them. What God could have awaiting you if you follow Him through one wanting to do His work. You fall to your knees in confusion and pray for an answer – a flicker of light as to which door to try. You look up and still nothing. You glance at the easy path and then down again to pray. Time passes slowly and painfully as you wait and contemplate, at one point you even go up to a door you think you want and lay your hand on the handle…but then shy away afraid again on what’s on the other side and if this is the road God would have for you. You kneel down again and pray. Suddenly a flood of light pierces the darkness of your closed eyes and you look up. A door is opened – a door you never thought would ever be opened or that you wanted opened. A bright light illuminates the doorway further proving God’s choice. With excitement and anticipation you glide to the door to take a peak inside. You peer through and clearly see the path, but what you see overwhelms and frightens you. A winding path of thorns and boulders meet your gaze. You look further down the path and see it straighten out into a beauty so great you can’t believe your eyes. Could God be so gracious? Yet the thought quickly fades as reality sets in as to what it takes to get there, so you retreat. Once again panic sets in and instead of asking what you start asking why. Why God? This was not what you had anticipated. The road He has chosen is scary and daunting. “I will be with you” you hear as you look back at the light. Thoughts of Moses and Jonah flood your mind as feelings of incompetence fill your soul. How could he ask you to take this path? You are not ready!! You are not capable! But God can do all things you know. He delivered Moses and Jonah to their tasks at hand and gave them the power to overcome their fears and succeed for His glory. You feel unworthy, you feel unprepared. Will you fail Him and those who are counting on you if you take this journey? You look back at the small pebbled path again and immediately want to retreat to it, but you know that this is not the right choice. Again you settle in to pray – asking God why and how – begging for peace and strength. The door is brighter now and you can feel the hands of God’s workers pressing you towards it. Honored, blessed and excited you try to move yourself forward but fear paralyzes you. Yet, the pressing continues to move you to the open doorway. Your feet reach the edge of the doorway as your toes peak over to the other side. You put your hand up to stop your motion just as the pressing stops. You know the next step must be your own. You look back at the journey you came from, grieved to be leaving it behind and wishing you could run back. You look ahead and see the beauty that awaits just passed the thorns and you long for it. God is granting it to you and you are humbled by His love for you and His belief in you – knowing you want nothing more than to be His hands and feet. So, with fear and trembling, you take the first step inside…

“A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.” Prov. 16:9


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