11th Grade Girls Bible – Project Time


Teaching was never something I thought of myself doing, but like most plans by the Lord – we can never expect what will come about. Yet, in these things we never expect, come the greatest blessings. The Lord has been so gracious to give me, as my first bible class, a room full of exceptional young women. These girls have been such an immense blessing in my life and I feel honored that God would allow me to be a part of their spiritual growth.

This semester we are practicing the art of “Being One” – like in Natalie Grant’s song “BE ONE” – about being the change, the miracle, the feet of those who carry the good news. In hopes to prepare these beautiful girls for life outside our cute Christian school, we are challenging these girls to look outside themselves and get out of their comfort zone and be a billboard for Christ (shout out Lecrae!). Whether it is through interaction with people who need the light of the Lord, bible study with others, mentoring, putting up signs around school of encouragement, making videos that have a biblical theme, doing a devotional or sharing a testimony, these girls are putting their faith out on display.  They are being the hand and feet to bring the good news of our Lord.

Below I am sharing two videos that a few of the girls have made. I told them part of the project is that I have to share the videos…so they know I am doing this hahaha.

This first video is by Grace, Emma, Gianna, Lynette and Syndey. It is a parody of the rapture:


This second video is by Kayla and is her own music video of Lecrae’s  “Billboard”.


And here are a few fun pics of some of the girls doing their other projects:

Kenzie Gracie Grace Girls Class Fun Cass & V






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