Drowning and Starting Over

There is power in words. God’s word being the most powerful example of this.

Yes, I am biased about this as well, being that I love to write! There is just such freedom in being able to write with honesty and truth.

With this comes an absolute love of music! I often sit and just listen to music while talking to my Lord. When I can’t fully communicate how I am feeling, I often look to music to communicate it for me.

I recently was introduced to two other Christian rappers: KB & Flame. My love for Lecrae and Andy Mineo is being matched by my new found love for these guys. I love truth spoken – no matter the cost! These guys do just that!

KB’s recent song “Drowning” is amazing. It reminds me of the desperate way I felt before coming to the Lord. Feeling so lost and underneath it all that I was crying out. Praise be to God that He longs for these moments where we will cry out for Him; finally being ready and willing to come to Him! The prodigal son/daughter returning!

Flame’s song “Start Over” reminds me of how it felt actually coming to the Lord. The gospel message is clear, concise and lyrically beautiful and powerful!

I wanted to share both of them with you! May they be a blessing!



These are not “new” songs, but they are “new” to me. Know of some great christian music with awesome messages? I would love to hear about them!


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