Don’t Let Go!

hand in hand

A little girl stands on the cusp of a sea of strangers. The path before her riddled with people obstructing her every line of sight. Fear and anxiety paralyzed her as she felt a slight tug from her left arm. She looked up into the bright eyes of her Father and looked down to the hand that embraced hers.

“You have nothing to fear my dearest child, just don’t let go.” He said in his soft authoritative voice.

She feels the comfort of His hand and trusts the power in His voice and blindly steps out into the vast unknown.  She continues on, not worried about where He was leading her, knowing He knew the way.   Quickly, the little girl becomes comfortable in His care as He guides her through the crowded way. She begins to look around and admire the surroundings, catching sight of giant helium balloons and beautiful dolls in glass windows, through the legs that surrounded her.  Her hand began to slip from the strong hand that was guiding her as she spotted a sparkling dress wafting near by.  Suddenly, an abrupt thud across her shoulder sent her tumbling slightly backward.

“Don’t let go, dear one,” her Father said, as He gripped tighter.

“Yes Daddy.” she said as she regained His hand.

“I know there are things that look beautiful out there, but trust me to get you to a place more beautiful than this. Be patient my little one.”

She smiled and held tight as she enjoyed the comforting walk, knowing He would protect her.

Yet again, after a short while, from in between the blankets of legs, she became enthralled by the beautiful objects.

“They look so beautiful,” she thought, “why does He not stop and get me what I want? This would make me happy. I don’t want to walk anymore, I want to stop and look around!”

She began to pull Him to the side, hoping His way would sway.

“This way Daddy! Please, I want to go this way and look over there.” she begged.

“That will not be good enough for you my sweet babe, we must travel on. Trust me, you will have something even better. Don’t let go now. Hold tight.”

Frustration took hold of her heart and her hand became limp in His, but His hold did not waiver.

“He doesn’t understand,” she thought. “Why does He not want me to be happy?” she started to lean again to the right, hoping His way would sway or His grip would loosen. Just like before, a thud came across her arm followed, this time, by one slamming into her back.

“Why are you letting them hurt me Daddy?” she cried.

“You need to stop leaning out and trying to let go little one. Trust me and let me guide you. I know where I am going; I can see the way and I promise I will protect you. Hold tight, don’t let go!”

“Hmpf,” puffed the girl as she began to think her Father wanted nothing good for her. He was lying. They were passing all of the wonderful places and He kept saying no. Why does He think He knows? She knew where she wanted to go and what would make her happy.

She looked up at her father in disdain now and glanced back through the crevices of flesh and spotted the perfect store. She could clearly see it now, as the legs began to part. This was it. She would go her way; she would get what she wanted without Him. She slipped out of His hand and began running for the beauty before her. She did not stop, even when she was slashed around by the few legs that bumped and bruised her. She made it to the window and gazed in wonder. She was right, she had never seen such majesty and never felt such joy. But, quickly the scene before her changed. The beauty that was but a second ago now changed to mold. This was not as beautiful as she thought. I was wrong!

Suddenly, she was swept away from the window, and found herself flying through the air away from the window and the doll within. She landed with a thud on the concrete and felt her body heave with pain.

“Daddy!” she wailed, but she didn’t see Him anywhere.

Feet were now trampling her small frame as the passerby’s did not care for her well being. Pain struck every inch of her body as she frantically searched the vast sea for her Father.

“Daddy!” she now screamed.

She closed her eyes, knowing her mistake. She should have stayed with her Father. With the one who would protect her. The one who would care for her. The one who knew the way.

Streams of tears poured down her porcelain cheeks as suddenly a warmth lifted her from the ground, “I told you not to let go little one”, He said with firmness.

She opened her eyes into the comfort and love of her Father’s face and wrapped her arms around His neck as He carried her.

“Don’t let go of me Daddy!” she squeezed as she spoke softly into His ears.

“I never did my young one, I never did.”


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