A Bowed Knee


For He Himself bore our sins and tore the veil in two.
For He Himself bears the judgement that should be laid on you.

He took the nails, the cross, the pain, but more there was to this-
He was separated, scorned, and rejected by God through His Holy Justice.

Then Sunday came, Christ arose and was gloriously restored to life.
It is finished, it is done; the deathly curse would no longer be our plight.

We owe Him more than acknowledging moments or a prayer when things go wrong.
We owe Him more than raising dirty hands on a Sunday during a song.

We owe Him a life that glorifies Him in all we say and do!
We owe Him a life fully committed to all He would have us pursue.

Yet still, we owe Him so much more than we could ever strive to be.
So along with this, let us seek to always humbly bow the knee…

A bowed knee every morning as He allows us to graciously rise and shine.
A bowed knee in every moment of trial or blessing we come to find.

A bowed knee in the food and love God has put in our life to consume.
A bowed knee when our hearts are filled to the point where there’s simply no more room.

A bowed knee in the lonely struggle that molds us into Him.
A bowed knee when the light of His Hope comes completely flooding in.

A bowed knee in all things we count as great or incredibly small.
For the nails that shed His blood for thee, THIS is what paid for it all.


Have a Blessed Easter!


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